Dream workshops can be custom designed to suit your requirements. The format can be tailored for a weekend retreat or a series of regular meetings. If a series of two or three presentations on dreams is planned, the second occasion could offer participants a way to practice dreamwork for their own use in seeking insights and growth from their dreams. This presentation may include practical tips for remembering dreams and offers hands-on experience of dreamwork, a spiritual tool of lifelong value that is fun too.

Presentations may include one or more of the following: Introduction to the subject of dreams and dreamwork. Biblical dreams: The Bible is full of dreams and visions. What can we learn from the dreamers of the Bible? Did Jesus dream? Does God communicate with us today through our dreams?

The History of Dreams: A brief overview from ancient Egypt to modern psychology. How to work with your own dreams. A practical, effective method for individuals to use at home − in bed! Related subjects as required by your particular situation, to interest beginners or experienced dreamworkers.



LISTENING TO YOUR OWN DREAMS -- Learn a practical method of working with your dreams to gain insights into your personal and spiritual life. -- Dr. Montague Ullman writes, "In the new sense of self that dreams bring to light, they offer us the possibility of becoming whole, which is, of course, what healing is all about." LISTENING TO DREAMS IN A DREAM GROUP -- Experience a method of working with dreams in a group setting to develop your understanding of the language of dreams. A dream group offers a lively, structured process and the means of discovering the messages of dreams. -- The Rev. Barbara Crafton, of The Geranium Farm , says, "I have seen small groups of very modern people resonate profoundly with Annette Thies' practice of the ancient art of dream interpretation. Joseph (and the other Joseph) were right: God speaks to us in dreams sometimes."

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Numbers 12:6
God said, “Listen to my words: “When there are prophets among you, I reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams".

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